House Rules

Please be aware of our house rules: 

1. The hotel is only authorized to accommodate properly registered guests. For this purpose, guests have to present their valid national ID card or passport, or any other valid proof of identity to the relevant hotel employee upon arrival. 

2. At the check in time, guests have to pay the total amount of their stay. There is a city tax of 7% on the top of the price. As of January 1st, 2020, the city tourist tax is 7% of the cost of stay plus a 3EUR per person per night. 

3. Non-refundable reservations cannot be cancelled or modified. The total amount of reservation will be charged in advance.

4. Hotel may offer guests who request to extend their stay a different room to the one in which they were originally accommodated. 

5. Hotel is not responsible for guest’s valuables. 

6. If the guest breaks their stay, money will not be refunded. 

7. Guest are not allowed to move furnishings or interfere with the electrical network or any other installations in the hotel rooms or on the premises of the hotel without the consent of the hotel management. 

8. Guests are obliged to pay for any damages caused by them, if they are unable to prove that they are not responsible for the damages.

9. Guest are to use their rooms for the agreed period. If the period of accommodation is not stipulated in advance, guests have to check out by 11:00 a.m. on the last day of their stay at the latest and they are obliged to have vacated the room by this time. If a guest fails to do this, hotel is entitled to bill him/her for another day’s stay. In the event that the hotel has already reserved this room beforehand and if the guest fails to heed request to vacate the room or if he or she is not present in the hotel, the hotel reserves the right to catalogue the guest’s possessions and to store them in a safe place so that the room can be used by the guest for whom it has been reserved. 

10. Our rooms are designed as smoke- free, if smoking occurs during your stay, 100 EURO cleaning fee will be billed to your account. 

11. Upon departing, guest are obliged to turn off all water faucets, as well as the lights in the room and its facilities and to shut the door as they leave. 

12. For security reason, it is not appropriate to leave children under 10 years of age without adult supervision in the hotel room or other areas on the hotel premises. 

13. Guest are to observe night time peace and quiet in the period from 10:00 p.m. to 07:00 a.m., i.e. they are not to disturb the other guests accommodated in hotel. 

14. If you hear the emergency alarm, follow the instructions described on the flight plan in your room. In case of a false emergency alarm, intentionally caused by a hotel guest, any possible consequential damages will be recovered from the person concerned. Any costs (€ 1500) incurred by you when the fire alarm system is undesirable will be collected from you. In case of improper use of extinguishing agents, an amount of minimum €275 will be charged.The use of candles in the hotel room is forbidden            

15.Alcohol abuse and trade in and use of (soft) drugs are prohibited.                                                                                               

16. In our hotel you can use wireless internet (WiFi). It is forbidden to surf pornographic, anti-democratic websites or websites that are prohibited by law. Prostitution is forbidden in our hotel.

Guests are obliged to observe the provisions of these HOUSE RULES. In event that a guest is in breach of these rules, the hotel has the right to repudiate the agreement on the provision of accommodation services before the agreed period has elapsed. In all circumstances, we respect your privacy, however, we are authorized to enter your room in case of failure to comply with our House Rules and, if necessary, vacate your room and remove you from the hotel.